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Membership Programmes

Always been interested in the world of trading but never really took the plunge? Are you worried that you will lose out on your hard-earned money if you are a trader in the market? T Plus One transforms you into a professional trader who is confident, ethical and has all the skills and technical know-how to make the right decisions with your money.


TradeX is one of the three flagship courses of T Plus One. Our students embark on a comprehensive and in-depth journey into the world of stock market trading through this 12-week course. This course is meticulously designed to equip stock market enthusiasts with the knowledge, skills and strategies necessary to navigate and succeed in the dynamic environment of the stock market. Whether you want to understand the basics of stock trading or aim to refine your skills in intraday, swing trading, and options, this course covers it all.

Course Features

Introduction to the Stock Market

Stock Market


Swing Trading

Option Buying

Option Selling

Practical Applications and Case Studies

Advanced Topics in Stock Trading

Regulatory and Ethical Considerations

Conclusion and Next Steps

Course Highlight

Duration : 12 Weeks

Course Fee:
₹ 25,000/-

(Including GST)


TradeFX is a notch above the TradeX course. Here, the course gets more exciting with intensive, in-depth Forex and Commodity Trading modules. The Course equips the learners with a robust understanding that would help cement the foundation built. With real-time market trading combined with practical knowledge and insights from our expert trainers, this is the course that will help you steer through the complexities of the financial markets.

Course Features

Introduction To Financial Markets

Basics Of
Forex Trading

Fundamentals Of Commodity Trading

Technical Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Risk Management

Trading Platforms And Tools

Developing A Trading Strategy

Regulatory Environment And Compliance

Practical Trading Sessions And Simulation

Career Opportunities In Forex And Commodity Trading

Course Highlight

Duration : 12 Weeks

Course Fee:
₹ 35,000/-

(Including GST)


10 meticulously curated sessions. 12 weeks of comprehensive learning. All this to craft a prodigy-level trader – You. The course is curated so that any experience-level student can join and be an A-level trader. Our experienced trainers with their wealth of insights and practical knowledge differentiate this course from the rest available in the market. Experience success with ExpertIn.

Course Features

Introduction to Market Phases and Expansion

Detailed exploration of Accumulation, Markup, Distribution, Markdown phases and their characteristics in various market conditions.

Analyzing how markets expand, understanding impulsive and corrective waves, and their importance in predicting market movements.

Retracement and Order Blocks

Defining retracement in the context of trading, its importance, and how to differentiate it from reversals.
Identifying bullish and bearish order blocks, understanding their role in market structure, and strategies for trading around order blocks.

Break of Structure and Change of Character

Identifying BOS in trend continuation and reversal, and its significance in altering market bias.
How to spot and interpret changes in market character, and their implications for trading strategy

Value Gaps and Fibonacci Levels

Understanding gaps in market value, their types, and how to trade them effectively.
Implementing Fibonacci retracements and extensions in market analysis, setting targets, and stop-losses

Optimal Trading Entry Strategies

Combining technical analysis and market sentiment to find the best entry points.
Discussing various entry strategies, position sizing, and managing trades effectively.

Advanced Concepts: Displacement and Mitigation Blocks

Concept of market displacement, its indicators, and impact on price action.
Identifying and trading mitigation blocks, integrating them into broader trading strategy.

Breaker Blocks and Liquidity Concepts

Identifying breaker blocks, and how they can be used to predict potential reversals or continuation in price.
Understanding liquidity in the forex market, how to identify liquidity pools, and strategies to trade them.

Risk Management and Trading Psychology

Discussing risk-to-reward ratio, stoploss placement, and capital preservation strategies.
Understanding the psychological aspects of trading, dealing with emotions, and maintaining discipline.

Advanced Analysis Techniques

Tools and techniques for analyzing order flow, and how to use this information in trading decisions.
Detailed study of market and volume profile, their interpretation, and application in trading strategy

The Trader’s Toolkit

How to maintain a trading journal effectively, and why it’s crucial for continuous improvement.
Recap of key concepts, integrating them into a cohesive trading approach.
Guiding participants through the creation of a personalized trading plan based on the course learnings.

Course Highlight

Duration : 12 Weeks

Course Fee:
₹ 45,000/-

(Including GST)

How the learning Process Works?

Hybrid Interactive Classes

Live Trading Sessions Via Google Meet

Access to 25000+ Traders Community

Individual Attention & Life Time Community Service

Introducing Our Market Experts

Dive into the stories of seasoned mentors who simplify trading. Meet the professionals ready to share their wealth of trading knowledge and make the stock market accessible and straightforward for you.

Directional Index Options Trader 7+years trading experience. Generating 10-20%/month.

Sooraj S L


Directional Index Options Trader 8+years trading experience. Generating 10-20%/month.

Amal Raj B O


Ready to Get Started?

Become a trader who achieve dreams with confidence using proven strategies.
Welcome to T Plus One – where building wealth is a way of life. We provide top-level coaching to transform you into savvy investors. Join us to learn how every market fluctuation can be turned into an opportunity.

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