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Your Financial Evolution Starts Here

Say hello to T Plus One which is recognized as the leading stock market institute in Kerala. Here, we believe in empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the financial markets confidently and with ease. Whether you’re a beginner eager to understand the basics or an experienced trader aiming to refine your strategies, T Plus One offers a comprehensive and immersive learning experience through its Membership Programmes.

The Mariners of T Plus One

Sooraj S L


Life is one big adventure quotes Sooraj, the ship's chief captain at T Plus One. Riding against the storm and breaking all conventional norms of trading to give birth to T Plus One has been the latest adventure that Sooraj has embarked on. Within this short span, he and his team have been able to establish themselves as a powerhouse of knowledge, expertise and market know-how.

Nandhu Rishikesh


Nandhu is the head of the deck and decides on all things Marketing at T Plus One. Under his leadership, he has been able to bring in the due visibility that T Plus One needed taking the Return on Ad Investment [ROAI] to 5X in less than a year. Before joining the bandwagon, Nandhu was in the movie industry as an assistant to many famous movie directors. When not planning on the next marketing strategy or move of the company, Nandhu pursues his passion for scriptwriting. Soon, you can see his name on the silver screen, fingers crossed!

Amal Raj B O


Amal’s contribution to T Plus One can be equated to that of a Chief Engineer on a ship. Since his introduction to the world of Stock Markets and Trading in his final year of Engineering, there has been no looking back for Amal. With more than 7 years of experience in stock trading, he takes more interest in the nuances of Inner Circle Trading [ICT] and Forex Trading more than anything else. As the COO, Amal looks at profitability and increasing the top line of the company, the same way he would analyse a stock - no stone unturned and always having an appetite for more.


Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Anjali stands out as a dedicated crusader at T Plus One, serving as the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Armed with a robust academic foundation in Computer Science, she has swiftly steered the organisation towards profitability. Like all of us here at T Plus One, Anjali is a passionate trader and has been at it for over five years now. When not making more revenue streams and exploring other business opportunities for T Plus One, Anjali spends her time reading.


Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

Gopika is our Chief Customer Officer (CCO). In other words, she calls the shots and we toe the line. At T Plus One, she lives and breathes the ethos of ‘customer is the king’ and we would not have it any other way. With a bachelor's Degree in History followed by professional experience as a Trader for three years, Gopika does everything in her might and goes the extra mile to make all our customers happy. When not at her desk, Gopika has diverse interests. Amongst them, watching movies claims the top spot on her list.

Devi Dhanusha

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Devi is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) a.k.a The Chief Engineer of the ship. She is a self-taught techie and with her wizardry, she has been instrumental in getting the T Plus One Mobile App to where it is today. Devi’s prowess as a project manager has pushed the organisation to achieve the status of a tech-driven company. Devi did her Post Graduation in Physics and keeps herself updated on all things Technology.

Shiroz Mohammad

Investing Partner

Shiroz brings to the table, funds and limelight that the organisation needs to grow. An ardent trader for more than 5 years, Shiroz is on a mission to attract more funding for T Plus One and put it on a global pedestal at breakneck speed and we can't be more excited. Outside of trading, he passionately follows his calling for modelling and explores the world through his love for travel.

T Plus One's Odyssey

Beginning in April 2023, we set forth with a mission to demystify the stock market through education. Through unwavering commitment, we swiftly launched our app and website by May 2023, setting the pace for a journey of continuous innovation, growth, and dedication to our learners. As we navigate this roadmap, our strides in expansion and financial robustness exemplify our passion to empower every aspiring stock market enthusiast with toptier education.
April 2023
Revolutionize stock market education through digital means.
May 2023
Launch of the T Plus One App and Website
Intuitive user experience, personalized learning paths, interactive modules, and realtime stock market simulations
January 2024
Expansion and Growth
Technology Enhancement: Integrating AI-driven personalized recommendations and improving app performance.
July 2024
Revenue Growth & Diversification
Launching premium features, advanced modules, and monetization strategies like certification partnerships and corporate tie-ups.
January 2025
Customer Success & Retention

Implementing strategies for customer retention rate, reflecting satisfaction, trust, and value in our offerings.


Our mission at T Plus One is to equip our students with the skills, insights, and ethical principles necessary to excel in the dynamic world of financial markets. Our commitment extends beyond education, as we aim to inculcate in our students a culture of continuous learning, innovation and responsible trading decisions. We are dedicated to being the catalyst for transforming aspirations into successful, sustainable careers.


At T Plus One, we envision being a global leader in stock market trading education, fostering a community of empowered traders who contribute to the financial well-being of individuals and the broader economy.

Our commitment is to provide you with more than just theoretical knowledge – we focus on practical insights, real-time market exposure and a holistic approach to trading education. Led by a team of seasoned professionals with an abundance of industry experience, T Plus One is dedicated to shaping your journey towards financial success.

We welcome you to embark on a transformative learning adventure where theory meets practice, and classroom discussions translate seamlessly into actionable trading decisions. Don’t wait any longer. Join us at T Plus One and unlock the doors to a world of opportunities in the stock market. Your journey to trading mastery starts here!

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